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General Information

We are your one-stop destination for car finance in Sydney! We have been in the automotive industry for over 25 years and provide car finance assistance to one and all including individuals who have bad credit or no credit history, self-employed, sole parent or pensioner.

We provide car loan finance products. Know more about our new and used car loans; business car finance and bad credit car loans.

Interest rate differs depending on the finance product identified that is best suited for your situation. Apply now for a car loan! This is the best way to know which finance product is most fitting for you.

Applying For Finance

Applying for a car loan with us is quick and easy - you can fill the online website form and click the submit button; alternatively, you can contact us over the phone. You must have completed 18 years and be an Australian resident. You also require a driver’s licence because you are applying for car finance. In case, you don’t have one or it’s currently suspended then just add a second applicant who has.

The more information you provide in your application, the faster we can evaluate your application.

Yes, we can help! We’re experts in second chance car finance, so we consider everybody. Apply right away - no matter whether you have a bad credit or no credit history, self-employed, unemployed, sole parent or pensioner. The best way to know which product is most fitting for your case is by making an application right away.

Our document checklist mentions all the paperwork that you need to complete.

Yes, we’ll contact to verify the information about you; for instance, your residency or employment. We recommend you let your landlord and/or employer know that we might contact them.

It’s free to apply for finance! Only after you’ve entered into a contract with Car Loan Experts will you be required to make payments. The repayment schedule that will be affixed to your contract will state your payments. The amount and frequency depend on the kind of car and finance availed, an initial deposit paid by you and your current financial situation.

Abour Car Loan Experts

You can own a car through our car loan. When you enter into our car loan agreement, you’ll have to make regular payments for the loan’s term based on a straightforward principal amount and interest payment schedule.

Yes, you own the car straight away! You’ll start paying the interest along with the principal amount determined at the time of getting into the car loan agreement for the length of the loan term.

You can sell or trade the car, provided you get our consent and get the clear title from the finance company after the settlement of your finance commitments as per the contract.

Yes, you can, but you should have our consent and have completed your finance commitments as per the contract.

Car Loan Experts Customers

Although we don’t recommend it, but if you think you can pay for a second loan then you can definitely apply for one. Your application will be evaluated based on your current financial condition.

No! You are fully responsible for insuring the car. If something happens to the car when the car is not insured, you’ll have to pay for all the repairs and costs.

Contact our customer service department on 1300 416 544 to get more information about payment options.

Yes, you can make advance payments of any amount at any time. For more information on this please contact our customer service department on 1300 416 544.

We know that life doesn’t move as per the plan all the time and that financial situation changes. In tough times, if you find it extremely difficult to meet the financial commitments, you can apply for financial adversity. Right away contact Car Loan Experts customer service team on 1300 416 544 if your financial situation changes. We are here to assist you with your concerns and make sure your payment plan fits your current circumstance.

Yes! You can get the car back by contacting our customer service department on 1300 416 544 and paying off the unpaid car loan along with any costs related to the repossession.

Contact our customer service department on 1300 416 544 if you can’t afford to pay the due amount and/or any fees incurred from the repossession. We are here to address your concern and provide help to make sure your payment plan fits your situation.

If your contact details change, please contact our customer service department on 1300 416 544.

Yes! All you have to do is keep your payments up-to-date and service the car as per the recommended service schedule in the service book and warranty of your customer care pack.*

Yes! Regular servicing of the car is important as it will keep your car in good running condition and ensure the warranty remains valid.*

You’ll have to pay for all day-to-day expenses such as registration, insurance, servicing, tyre replacement, battery, light bulbs, cleaning, fuel and all other general deterioration expenses.

The moment you become aware of any mechanical problems with the car*, contact our warranty department on 1300 416 544. A small problem today can turn into something severe tomorrow, so never neglect any type of mechanical problems experienced by your car.

Yes you can, provided the mechanic must accept our payment terms and offer a quote that’s in line with industry’s standard pricing for the repairs.

Immediately contact our customer service department on 1300 416 544 and furnish the details of the accident including the date, time, venue, who was involved, whose fault the accident was, and if the police were involved. Continue paying your weekly payments until the insurer covers the cost of repairing the car.

In case, you have any concerns regarding the length of time your car is off the road, get in touch with our customer service department on 1300 416 544 at the earliest.

Broker Finance

Your application is initially evaluated for worthiness based on credit criteria given by the broker. If you succeed, one of our representatives will contact you to discuss the broker process with you. The broker will help you in getting the right product for you.

You can discuss any problems related to finance with the lender.

You can discuss any problems concerning the car with the dealer.

You’ll have to discuss this with the seller or lender.

It depends on from whom you have bought the car. You’ll require discussing this with the seller or lender.*

Customer Enquiries, Suggestions And/or Complaints

If the answer you’re looking for your car loan question isn’t covered in our FAQ or if you want to provide any suggestions or concerns about our products or services, kindly get in touch with us on 1300 416 544. Alternatively, you can email us on info@carloanexperts.com.au or by completing our online enquiry website form.

*Kindly refer to your loan’s contract, which mentions the Warranty product you may have purchased.

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